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Post by Lightnia on Sun Mar 09, 2014 9:48 pm

Hey u all!

RL-name: Mads
Age: 39
Country: Denmark
Char. names: I have Lightnia my main, and Bounter my working char (Bounty hunter) - use him to make credits.
Been playing this game since the game came out - with no breaks.

My main char Lightnia is DPS Sorcerer - with full Obroan - an my valor has been 100 for like allmot 6-7 months.
I also have pve gear with 72 and 78 mods on Lightnia.

Bounter is lvl 55 also, with old school gear -but he can be geared lol.

I also have a few low lvl chars.

I have pvp'ed with several of you guys through my fiance Shantie, and i must say - it has been fun -and It's nice to play with people who know how to play PVP, and I've heard from her, that you guys are fun to play with, and i just wanna try my skills to join this guild

Im right now in Nordic Aliance - but its a dead guild when it comes to PVP - and I'm ready to leave it - for trial in your guild- and I'm a pvp dude. I know tactics in all the different kinds of pvp matches. My way to play is try to win, more than have high end scores on the board - I'll go for the team, not for the medals.

My playing time will for the most part be at the evenings, cause I'm at Work in the daytime - so from 8 pm - to 11 pm

I agree to your playing terms posted here.

I can tell about myself - that I live with my fiance Shantie and her boy Marcuz in Denmark, and trying to spend a least a few hours each day in game. Work and raising Marcuz, and spending time with my fiance, family and friends take the rest of my time.

Thanks again - see ya all in SWOR

Mads/ Lightnia

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Lightnia, DPS Sorc Empty Re: Lightnia, DPS Sorc

Post by Corben on Mon Mar 10, 2014 5:00 pm


plz contact me or one of the officers for your in game trial invite

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