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Post by Borhan on Sun Jan 19, 2014 12:52 am


I got several 55's on republic side, played against you guys whilst leveling up and enjoyed it. Joined imp side today to try it out after deciding that I like sage/sorc class the best. Researched PvP guilds on imp side and spoke to Ba'l before applying here to find about your culture etc, seems like a good match to me so here goes

*Your IRL name: Borhan
*Where your from: UK
*Your gear: As my only imperial character, in the 10-29 bracket I got gammoran axe with crit 41 crystal and a custom offhand with crit 41 also, the power ones are superior but cost too much credit for my economy atm (600k vs 170 for crit ones)

*Anything else that can contribute to the progress of the Guild and to let us get to know you:
Progress in MMO usually involves PVE, and im not interested in PVE much - with regards to PVP I love it and have experience in it since I joined swtor about 3 months ago now, and for many many years in WoW with all characters, so I know tactics but havent been with organised groups much and the ones I been in havent been as organised as I would like them to be, for example in SWTOR I often mark targets for team and not many people focus them even in pug, I think TS is better for this kinda thing and PVP groups on this server (rep side) dont use it much

I meet all your criteria in the "Read before posting" btw: and with regards to tongue in cheek verbal abuse, that's me day to day with my work colleagues and friends anyway.. I often hurl some abuse at the pug section of my wz groups if they're being morons

Oh most important thing, I got a wife and kid and life > games so for example often I wont be able to speak on TS (but I can still listen) and sometimes I need breaks to take care of the kid or help wife out etc, so if you're going to act hardcore on me and expect WoW raid style commitment then forget it Razz

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Borháníx, Sorc DPS Empty Re: Borháníx, Sorc DPS

Post by Corben on Sun Jan 19, 2014 8:24 am


Please Contact me or one of our officers for your in game trial invite

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