Surprìse's application [Concealment OP]

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Surprìse's application [Concealment OP] Empty Surprìse's application [Concealment OP]

Post by Surprise on Sat Feb 08, 2014 10:45 am

*Your IRL name: Mantas

*Where your from: Lithuania

*Your gear: Surprìse's application [Concealment OP] 2cwoidc(I hit 55 only yesterday, I've just managed to buy two obroan relics and 1 piece of conqueror gear so far).

*Anything else that can contribute to the progress of the Guild and to let us get to know you:

My nickname is " Surprìse " (notice the ì). I used it because the name " Surprise " was already in use. I like to surprise my opponents in PvP Very Happy I recently came back to swtor after a two month break, I'm a preferred status player at the moment but I'll subscribe again eventually. My original main was an assassin named "Dnomiad" level 51 but I've got bored from it, then started leveling a sith sorcerer whose nickname is "Aluress" but even then it wasn't what I was actually looking for. Finally, I created an operative and really liked it. My goal is to reach 100 valor with it.

Here's a list of the rest of my alts


Ve'geta (level 14 sith juggernaut)

Deimuks (Level 21 sniper)


Weesley (level 44 scoundrel)

Rusty'nail (level 39 commando)

Yesterday, before reaching level 55 I was doing my very last mid level PvP with Borhanix, clone-tenzero and some other guys from this guild. It's been a while I had so much fun in PvP! Those guys are great.

The guild I was a part of is called "Spaceballs strikes back" but I left it. There was no reason, It's just because I like "Deal With It" so much.

Now some things about me in real life  Smile 

I'm a 21 year old guy who lives in Lithuania. I currently live and study in the capital of my country. I study law and investigation of criminal acts. I have alot of various different hobbies starting from gaming to martial arts. I'm a black belt in taekwondo. I've been practising taekwondo for more than 6 years but unfortunately I had to quit it because of my studies. I'm not into sports too much these days, I just hit the gym several times a week.  

The only other game I play is samp, even though I'm not that active. I lead a big clan and used to be admin of the server called "PTP" that stands for Protect The President.

Thank you for reading!  Very Happy

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Surprìse's application [Concealment OP] Empty Re: Surprìse's application [Concealment OP]

Post by Corben on Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:31 am


Plz Contact me or one of the officers for your in game trial invite

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