Application 'Moff' Operative Medicine 60

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Application 'Moff' Operative Medicine 60 Empty Application 'Moff' Operative Medicine 60

Post by Moff on Wed Apr 08, 2015 8:03 pm

Dear DWI leadership

I used to be in the guild more than a year ago and departed, in good terms as always to join my best friend Demonaz/Valephar who lead Terror X Crew as his second in command. I am a veteran pvp healer (3 healing toons) active since the second Beta of the game, however I was absent/inactive for the past 4-5 months. Recently my old guild moved to another server thus I am 'homeless', I would be very much pleased to be accepted to re-join DWI.

I currently have no adequate gear (158 mostly), I got back in the game today and will work hard the coming days towards gearing up my main toon 'Moff'

I am 28 Half Greek, partly Singaporean and Italian, I reside in Greece currently. I am a friend of Yippie.

/Moff, Viceroy, Regent

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