Shadesofsiknas, Vengeance Jugg.

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Shadesofsiknas, Vengeance Jugg. Empty Shadesofsiknas, Vengeance Jugg.

Post by Shadesofsiknas on Sun Feb 02, 2014 11:53 pm

My real name is Stephen.
Im 32 years of age.
Im from Dublin, Ireland.
My gear on my Jugg is full Obroan(as yet not min/maxed.)
In terms of contribution to the guild I feel I can offer a lot. Im playing Swtor since early access. I play both Pvp and Pve, I have a good deal of experience in both. Ive got all Imp classes at 55 and a 55 Sent. I have all the crafting professions maxed out and some really good schematics.
Im currently in a good pve guild Vendetta, but Im finding it harder and harder to find any amongst them who are into pvp. I would love to get involved with this pvp guild and play with like minded players.



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Shadesofsiknas, Vengeance Jugg. Empty Re: Shadesofsiknas, Vengeance Jugg.

Post by Corben on Mon Feb 03, 2014 8:25 pm

Plz Contact me or one of our officers for your in game trial invite

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