fåñtâstïçñàmè sniper, I'm an engineer :)

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fåñtâstïçñàmè sniper, I'm an engineer :)

Post by Guest on Sun Apr 13, 2014 12:06 am


I'm Robin, 18 years old and from Belgium (Dutch/Flemish side). I have recently made a sniper with who I like to do a lot pvp. Currently he is only lvl 25. I have a lot of alts and my mains are SirRobinii (merc) and Utouchmytralala (mando). I've done a lot of pve few months ago and I got bored of it. I'm now mainly concentrating on pvp for the last 2 months. If I get accepted in the guild I would leave with my currently guild with all my imp characters.

I'm hoping to make friends, being myself here and getting rid of my lonely feel, because my imp guildies aren't doing pvping often and are never on ts.

Greetings Robin


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Re: fåñtâstïçñàmè sniper, I'm an engineer :)

Post by Corben on Mon Apr 14, 2014 6:11 pm

Accepted (but only 1 character while you are on your trial)

Please contact me or one of the officers for you in game trial invite

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