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Sixtythree - Healer Operative  Empty Sixtythree - Healer Operative

Post by sixtythree on Sun Mar 09, 2014 4:40 pm

  • Gareth
  • United Kingdom
  • Ear, Implants, Relics, MH & OH: Obroan. Everything else Conqueror.
  • 29 year old guy from UK, I work in Software & Website Design & Development, looking for a mature, friendly but serious PvP guild to participate in both ranked and unranked PvP. I play most evenings and sometimes quite a lot at the weekends, depending on what's going on the ye old social life (who am I kidding ¬†Embarassed). Valor rank 69 right now, hoping to have 70 by the end of the day and to have my Obroan chest. Can get a little hot-headed sometimes, but it's only because I want to WIN!¬†Generally, I am an all round nice guy; reliable, open to criticism, not a quitter and good to have around!

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Sixtythree - Healer Operative  Empty Re: Sixtythree - Healer Operative

Post by Corben on Sun Mar 09, 2014 7:16 pm


Plz Contact me or one of the or officers for your in game trial invite

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