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Read Before Posting! Empty Read Before Posting!

Post by Corben on Wed Dec 25, 2013 4:17 pm

Please read through this post and make sure you understand and comply to our rules and standards.
When your done with that, create a new thread for your application post and make sure to put you name, class and spec (DPS, Tank, Healer) in the post subject.

IF you get accepted you will recive a 1 week trial invite. If you show good skills and good mannors you might get promoted to full membership. If you fail this you have to search for a new guild to play with.

If you have multiple characters, you may only bring 1 of them into the guild while you are on your trial

We want to know:
*Your IRL name
*Where your from
*Your gear
*Anything else that can contribute to the progress of the guild and to let us get to know you

If you want to join DWI we expect you to:
HaveĀ a minimum age of 18 years
Be able to take verbal abuse *tongue in cheek*
Act friendly towards your fellow guild members
Act friendly towards your fellow players outside the guild (both Imps and Reps)
Use teamspeak when ever you play PvP even if your solo!
Perform your best in PvP
Perform your best in PvE
Be on time if you sign up for PvE content
A genuine interest in helping the guild and its members to progress (PvP, quests, FP's, OP's donations etc)
Post your absence if you plan to be away from us for a certain period of time
Have loads of fun and enjoy the fucking game!

If you have read this then type: "This is all sad but true" at the end of your application

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