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Post by Popop on Wed Jan 22, 2014 10:26 am

Hello my name is Adi, i am 40 years old from israel.
i wish to join with my level 33 operative healer, at this moment i am mostly pvping with it.
i played this game for the last 2 years got 13 chars 9 of them are lvl 55.
i mostly play on rep side where i am main tanking on my shadow ( Bulgi ) and dps on my commando ( Fusa ).
our guild atm stands both on 4/5 bosses in df and dp.
in pvp i mostly play on my shadow tank ( valor 93 )
scoundrel healer ( Bulgilina )
guardian dps ( Michali )
sage dps ( Nuli )
Sorc healer ( Michalinka )
Jugg dps ( Na'ama ).
and on low lvl toons for fun with friends.
we got on imp side a guild but it is inactive and even when we do something on it , it almost never pvp.
i wish to find new challenges and fun with u guys, and i truley think i can add to this subject.
in future if both parties will be happy from each other i can also move my lvl 55 toons too, ( as i mentioned got jugg sorc and a sniper ).
got a friend here that just joined recently Floriane.
hope to hear from you.

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Nerf Herder

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Popop Operative healer  Empty Re: Popop Operative healer

Post by Corben on Wed Jan 22, 2014 10:32 am

Please Contact me or one of th eofficers for your in game trial invite

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