Floriane operative DPS/Heal

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Floriane operative DPS/Heal Empty Floriane operative DPS/Heal

Post by Krovo on Mon Jan 20, 2014 8:49 pm


Name: Daniel
From: Netherlands
Gear: lvling gear. (78/72 when i'm lvl 55 and some pvp items).

I'm a republic pve/pvper, i made "Floriane" mainly to pvp with. I'm still lvling (lvl 14). I like to join for pvp and pve content when i'm lvl 55. I got a lvl 55 scoundrel (P├ętyr) healer/dps (82 valor and 78 gear) on the rep side that i lvled to 50 with 90% pvp so i know my class very well (playtime around 42 days).
Floriane will be my imp side scoundrel.

I'm a number person in pvp and pve. The higher the kills/medals/healing done/dps (or parsec numbers in pve) the happier i am. This motivates me to play the best i can.

I hope to hear from u guys soon,

- Floriane

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Floriane operative DPS/Heal Empty Re: Floriane operative DPS/Heal

Post by Corben on Tue Jan 21, 2014 1:06 pm

Send me or one of the officers a /w for your in game trial invite.

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